Dr. Devorah Schwartz-Arad
Dr. Devorah Schwartz-Arad about cerabone® and cerabone® plus.

Exciting insights by Dr. Devorah Schwartz-Arad about her rationale of using cerabone® and cerabone® plus

Dr. Damir Jelušić, Croatia
10 Years Clinical Application of cerabone® –Why, When and How?

Dr. Jelušić gives a comprehensive overview about the use of cerabone® in a multitude of indications and bone augmentation procedures based on his long-term clinical experience. He in addition stresses the advantages of the material in certain clinical situations such as alveolar socket preservation, immediate implant placement and sinus floor augmentation.

Dr. Massimo Frosecchi, Italy
botiss biomaterials and BLX implants: a smart combination

Dr. Frosecchi presents his approach of implant-supported restorations using a newly-developed dental implant and simultaneous soft- and hard tissue augmentation.
In this webinar he demonstrates the augmentation of missing periimplant bone and soft tissue by means of different grafting techniques and the use of cerabone® and mucoderm®. He discusses the possibilities and limits of the immediacy approach and presents the detailed surgical steps using different case scenarios.

Dr. Federico Brugnami, Italy
Soft and Hard Tissue Augmentation in Combination with Orthodontic Treatment: Expanding the limits of Orthodontics and Boosting the Multidisciplinary Treatments

Dr. Brugnami presents the rationale of Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment and the use of different techniques in regenerative orthodontics. He further discusses the selection of biomaterials such as cerabone® and mucoderm® based on their different properties.

Dr. Stavros Pelekanos, Greece
Enhancing the implant site and developing the transmucosal contour. New perspectives.

Dr. Pelekanos shows the methodology of the implant site development, with focus on the aesthetic zone, based on today’s knowledge of the biology of different biomaterials and abutment selection (customized vs. prefabricated abutments, screw- vs. cement-retained).
During the webinar he presents his approaches with the help of clinical cases thereby demonstrating the use of different biomaterials such as cerabone® and Jason® membrane.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Rothamel, Germany
Sinus lift procedures in the daily practice

Prof. Rothamel presents different approaches for sinus floor augmentation based on the literature and his own clinical experience.

In this webinar he discusses the selection of different biomaterials including Jason® membrane and cerabone®, shows clinical and histological results and debates possible complications.

Dr. Marius Steigmann about cerabone®

Dr. Steigmann has been using cerabone® for more than 10 years in all common indications of regenerative dentistry. Based on his long-term clinical experience, he describes the uniqueness of cerabone® in terms of material properties, key indications and clinical use.

Dr. Marius Steigmann, DDS, PhD, Germany
Soft tissue management for bone augmentation 

Dr. Steigmann presents different ridge augmentation procedures with focus on a proper soft tissue management to achieve primary wound closure.

During the webinar he in detail describes different defect morphologies and clinical challenges implantologists are regularly faced. To reach predictable and stable outcomes Dr. Steigmann presents special flap designs and suturing techniques, and discusses the use of biomaterials such as cerabone® and Jason® membrane.